Designing an SDA home you can feel at home in

Let’s talk detail. Firstly, we should say we know it’s totally frustrating when people don’t listen. When people make assumptions about what they think they need or when you need something very specific but are only offered a standard product. We get it. We’re not going to do that. We’re not going to make assumptions about your disability and we’re not going to make assumptions about what type of house you need. 

Two people with the same disability can have very different needs, so our ambition is customised each home to the individual’s aspirations. When you design a home with us, your needs will be central to the conversation. It will be crucial to speak in detail to your OT and for our development team consider each and every item in your design. 


SDA homes customised to your needs

Your customisations could start by simply choosing to have large light switches in your home. Naturally, large switches have a larger surface area, so they can be easily flicked on with the back of a hand or elbow. These lights require far less pressure than normal fittings, which are great to be able to turn on a light fixture easily. Your new home might need a fully automated kitchen, with a bench, sink and cooktop that can be raised and lowered at the press of a button.  

This is great for a kitchen that is used by multiple people, as well as a kitchen that is accessible to someone whose needs may change over time. You might need larger aids like hoists, which will need to be placed in such a way so they allow for space within rooms. Good architecture is crucial to building a house that suits your needs and we’ll look at how each person navigates through their new home.  From outside to inside, from room to room, how you live, clean, cook or prepare meals, sit down to watch tv, your hobbies and how technology can help today and into the future. If you want to ask about the customisation that can be made to a home or to talk about getting access to a customised home please get in touch. 

designing a home you can feel at home in.
Designing a home you can feel at home in.
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