How expensive is it to build an SDA home?

If you qualify to build an SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) home, the cost will be a major consideration. Four major SDA building cost considerations include the features you need and want in your home. In general, the larger the home you want to build and the more features you need, the more expensive your home will be (and vice versa).

The cost of your land closer to the CBD in major cities is usually more expensive than it is in outer suburban areas.  

Soil conditions and land access are also important considerations to keep in mind. Some soil types are easier to build on than others. It’s always important to get a soil test done before you buy a block of land to build on and if your land is difficult to access for any reason, this will increase your building cost. 

To help meet the cost of an SDA home, you might like to consider building a duplex or a home where it’s possible to live with others. The rent paid by family, friends or flatmates can make all the difference.  

Finding a solution that works with your family
It might work for your family to consider building a duplex or a home where it’s possible to live with others to meet the cost of an SDA home.