Designed to help residents live safely and independently

Homes designed for Improved Liveability help provide a reasonable level of physical access for people living with sensory, intellectual or cognitive needs.

These homes are designed to help residents live safely and independently. Features like luminance contrasts, easy navigation and lines of sight, light-based doorbells and alarms and hearing augmentation can be helpful for residents with sensory needs. Those with intellectual and cognitive needs might benefit from labelling, the use of contextual cues, increased lines of sight, consistency in locations of fittings and fixtures and reduced lighting and stimuli.

Designed to fit in with the neighbourhood and offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor and social enjoyment, Improved Liveability homes support the particular needs of the residents and give them a home they can make their own.

Extra structural provisions for things like ceiling hoists are important, as are large rooms, wide doorways and hallways.

As with the other categories, access to outdoor areas and designing a house that fits in with the rest of the neighbourhood are essential to creating a satisfying home life for residents.

Duplex designs are supported by all SDA categories

Example of a supported style of living

Duplex living

Duplex designs are supported by all SDA categories, however, they are particularly good for Robust homes where the costs of construction can be shared between two dwellings.

Here you can see a duplex design in the Robust category, featuring two single-level homes under one roof. The duplex design allows for private access for residents, with common Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA).

These homes feature modern fixtures with customisations, like high impacts walls and secure windows, to comply with the Robust design standard.

Example of a supported style of living

Family homes with SDA

Family homes can include additional granny flats to support greater degrees of privacy or independence.

These four-bedroom family homes in Llandilo Sydney have been built under the Improved Liveability category. The homes feature open-plan design and modern kitchens, overlooking private gardens.

SDA homes can built ready for the installation of ceiling hoists and assistive technology if required.

Family homes can include additional granny flats
Apartment living is suitable for High Physical Support and Fully Accessible

Example of a supported style of living

Self-contained apartments

Apartment living is suitable for High Physical Support and Fully Accessible, but does not support Robust designs. Apartment blocks can have common Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA).

Currently being developed, these ten fully self-contained apartments, located in the vibrant Oxley village in Brisbane feature contemporary kitchens with fresh, bright living spaces. Timber flooring, stone benchtops, balcony, security parking, intercom security, lift access, and lots of storage are all features.

All apartments are ready for assistive technology and Onsite Overnight Assistance (OOA) is available.

Why working with a registered SDA provider makes sense

Family home, duplex or self-contained apartment? What suits you best? We all want a home in which we can feel safe and secure. 

Guide You Home is an initiative by BlueCHP Limited. As a not-for-profit, Community Housing Provider and Registered SDA provider, working with our team means starting a discussion about your future.

You won’t have to organise finance, manage consultants or navigate your Development Application through the council.  You won’t need to worry about registering your SDA home or ongoing compliance with the NDIA nor worry about setting aside money for ongoing maintenance, we’ll take care of all of this for you.

Our commitment is to support you every step of the way