Location, Location, Location

There’s an old real estate saying that the three most important considerations when choosing a home is “location, location and location”. That’s true for any Australian and especially so when it comes to building an SDA home. In theory, you can build an SDA home in just about any location across Australia. In reality, choosing the right location is crucial. There are three major considerations when choosing an SDA home location… 

Cost of land and construction

Everyone knows that houses in Australia are expensive. When building an SDA home, you’ll need to purchase land or an existing property, competing against others to purchase your site. What you also need to consider is that building a home that meets the SDA design guide is almost always going to be more expensive than building a non-SDA home.  

Your SDA payment will support this purchase, but to help with the cost, you might end up considering helping meet the cost of your new home by renting a room(s) to family, friends or a roommate. If that is an option you are considering, factor this into choosing your location. Do not fall into the trap of ‘if you build it, they will come’.   

Availability of essential services nearby

It’s important to choose a location that’s near essential community facilities, like shops and medical services. Ideally, these facilities should be within an accessible distance, have the pedestrian access you require (ramps, pathways, marked crossings) but you may want to consider if the property allows for the safe delivery of groceries and goods as well. If you’re choosing your location to use public transport, make sure that the services meet your accessibility needs. 

Proximity to your support network

It’s also important to choose an SDA home location that’s as accessible as possible for anyone that needs or wants to regularly visit. You may want to consider locations close to family members, friends and care/support workers. If you are a bit of a social butterfly, have a big family, or expect gatherings to arrive by car, look for locations with plenty of on-street parking. 

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It’s important to choose a location that’s near essential community facilities, shops and medical services.