What it means to be your own SDA provider

If you want to design, build and maintain your own Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) home, you must be a registered SDA provider.

It’s important to understand that taking responsibility for designing, building and maintaining an SDA home to suit specific needs can be daunting and expensive. If you become an SDA provider, you are responsible for securing all of your construction materials and services, any construction issues, taking out appropriate insurance, which can be costly, any subsequent carer injuries in the home that are the result of building issues, ongoing repairs and maintenance of the SDA, ongoing paperwork to maintain your SDA registration and the payment of annual SDA registration costs.

All of these processes can be expensive and time-consuming. In addition, your customised SDA home can also be difficult and costly to modify if your needs change over time or you decide to sell it.

How we can help

As a specialist developer of affordable SDA housing, BlueCHP manages all of these processes so that families don’t have to. We are a registered, not-for-profit SDA provider and we offer long-term leases on SDA homes across Australia.

Our homes are designed in consultation with SDA recipients and their families to suit specific needs. We retain all liability for all of our homes and we look after any defects or ongoing maintenance issues.

Design, build and maintain your own SDA home
You must be a registered SDA provider if you want to design, build and maintain your own SDA home.