Frequently Answered Questions

What is Guide You Home?

Guide You Home has been set up by BlueCHP to help people with disabilities find housing under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Who is BlueCHP?

BlueCHP is Australia’s largest developer of Specialist Disability Accommodation under the NDIS. We are a regulated Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in NSW and QLD, have NDIS registration and operate as a not-for-profit.

Since 2008 we have delivered more than 1700 affordable homes, retaining about 800 for people on low or moderate incomes. We were selected by the NSW Government to deliver the Hunter Residence Program, which will see almost 350 people with disabilities move into newly built homes in the community. We are currently raising money to develop more homes for NDIS recipients. Our ambition is to deliver 1600 new homes over the next 5 years.  Read more about BlueCHP

What are the SDA categories?

The NDIS is providing funding for four SDA categories, including Robust, Improved Livability, High Physical Support and Fully Accessible. Our website has a full description of each category.

Will BlueCHP and Guide You Home build a new home in any of these NDIS categories?

Yes, we’re happy to work on any of the SDA housing types, from new home builds to purchasing and converting existing apartments.

What are Guide You Home’s 7 Steps?

Guide You Home has developed a process to help new customers understand the detail of how we will work with you. Find out more 

Do I need SDA funding approved before I contact you?

No, we are happy to have a conversation about your housing needs. If you don’t have funding, we’ll be happy to help with the process.

Do I need my own OT before I speak with you?

No, we have relationships with OT’s who will be able to help you through the NDIS process.

What customisations do you offer?

Each home we develop will be customised to the individual’s needs. We’re open to discussing any customisation you might need.

Do I need my own funding to work with you?

No, we happy to have a conversation about the financial aspects of the project. There are numerous ways the finances can be structured and we’ll happily discuss options with you.

Can I choose my own architect?

Absolutely, we’re happy to work with any consultants or partners who you already know.

Will Guide You Home be able to provide financing for my project?

We are in the process of raising funding from institutional investors, which means we are able to fund the development of any project.

What if I want to own my own home? Can Guide You Home build a new home, which I will own in future?

We’re happy for you to own your own home and we will discuss options during the development process.

Will I be able to pick the location?

Yes, you’ll be able to live where you choose.

What if my needs change and I need further customisations?

Yes, just let us know what needs to change.

Am I locked into staying at the house? What if I need to move?

We will be developing a portfolio of housing, which aims to give people options when it comes to moving.